The Blurb

FLATBUSH PRINCESS and, Whatever Happened to Bernie Cornfeld

Memoir by Carol Pearlman

When it comes to sex we finally meet the female Philip Roth. Pearlman takes a close-up look at the sexual repression and expression of the 50’s and 60’s, set against the backdrop of the biggest, most infamous financial scandal of the twentieth century.

In this story, a naïve young girl falls in love and marries a man whose deep secrets drive her to despair. His problems interfere with his ability to earn a living, among other things.

An old friend offers the opportunity to work and travel abroad, and they embark on a risky adventure in Germany. Business thrives but the marriage goes wrong. Always frustrated, she doesn’t understand what she’s dealing with. Ultimately, she pushes him onto a road that leads to fame and fortune, but at a cost she’s unable to bear.

The story follows a remarkable journey from working class Brooklyn in the 50’s to a mansion on the lakeside in Switzerland. It’s the realization and fulfillment of the American Dream, with glamorous settings, oodles of money, powerful people, and steamy sex.